Versatile coolant system from Floyd

The HEB MiniPlug high-pressure coolant system for sliding-head lathes has been released in the UK by Floyd Automatic Tooling.

The benefits of high-pressure through-coolant are well documented and, in recent years, this type of system has become the norm among users of sliding-head turning centres. However, the issue for machine shops is the complexity and non-productive time taken to set-up high-pressure copper coolant pipes. This job is time consuming and often requires pipe cutting and bending, which is challenging in a work envelope as compact as a sliding-head turning centre. Then, what if the machine shop has to change tools and configurations?
The process starts over. All of this effort can be avoided with HEB MiniPlug.
When a tool change is required on a sliding-head machine, the operator must change the tool or insert, and the respective tool holder has to be detached, often with difficulty, from the through-coolant distribution system. With HEB MiniPlug, a high-pressure quick-connector system eliminates time-consuming tool changeovers and the respective changeover of high-pressure hoses. The HEB MiniPlug system helps to reduce machine downtime by simplifying tool set ups for each individual job and cutter. Instead of changing the connection in an overcrowded and difficult-to-access work envelope, HEB MiniPlug allows end users to simply plug in the flexible braided hoses.
For use with coolant pressure up to 200 bar, the stainless-steel connectors and braided hoses are robust, flexible and corrosion resistant – ensuring coolant hoses will last for the lifetime of the machine tool. The HEB MiniPlug system is available with a coupling and seal plug, manifolds, hose set, MiniPlug Jacks, and adaptors.
HEB MiniPlug is available in three different sizes to suit all modern HPC adaptors and machine configurations.
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