Vending system extended by Dormer Pramet

Dormer Pramet’s range of ProLog vending systems has been extended through the addition of three machines – SaveRing, SaveBin and SaveRent – giving even greater choice to suit individual customer requirements.

It is a known fact that tool inventory and management can be a costly and time-consuming process for any manufacturer. Having greater control over cutting-tool stock, availability, use and re-ordering, offers significant support and accountability.
When using ProLog vending systems, in addition to the standard check-in/check-out features, reports are available to provide detailed analysis of performance. Furthermore, users can automatically ‘age’ and lock-down tools based on specific criteria, set-up alert notifications when a tool has reached a defined setting, and access a full audit history by asset and user.
Dormer Pramet’s SupplyBay and SmartDrawer are its most popular vending devices. Enhancing its offer in this technology area, Dormer Pramet has launched three additional machines: SaveRing, SaveBin and SaveRent. All of these systems help companies to move away from peg-board or open-access methods.
SaveRing is a versatile vending machine which stores and distributes up to 540 unique items. The machine has four key functions to distribute, rent, return (for regrinding) or reserve products for up to 30 days. SaveRent is a locker-type tool renting and monitoring system that allows the storing, distribution and return of frequently used tools and items. Each transaction is saved and recorded when users access an item. With SaveBin employees return used or contaminated items, with the unit taking a photo of the product and logging the transaction to the employee. The system automatically produces an alert if waste levels reach a pre-defined number.
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