Vargus launches threading products

Vargus Tooling has launched its new series of MACH Supersonic Threading products, which incorporates a complete range of thread turning tools and thread milling products.

The patent-pending turning range features a comprehensive range of MACH TT external inserts and corresponding MACH TT tool holders. MACH TT external turning inserts cater for the complete threading spectrum. Each of the respective thread geometries incorporates an improved rake featuring a reinforced geometry which creates a strong insert design with a high resistance that permits cutting at higher speeds while simultaneously reducing the number of passes required, says Vargus.

Adding to this geometry is the new Vargus VK8 insert grade that combines an AlTiN and TiN PVD coating to give durability and performance on materials that range from steel and stainless, cast iron and non-ferrous materials, through to heat-resistant alloys and hardened steels.

Complementing the thread turning range is the new MACH TM thread milling range. Like the thread turning range, the MACH TM thread milling line is available in a complete range of thread geometries to cater for the demands of any machine shop. The solid-carbide thread mills incorporate an improved edge design with a reinforced geometry to allow cutting under high loads. In addition, a large core diameter increases the stability and strength of the MACH TM series to enable higher speed and feed rates.

Further enhancing the ability to cut at high feed rates is a design feature that includes a fourth flute to improve cutting performance and evacuate the swarf at speed. Assisting this tool design in removing chips from the work zone is a through-coolant facility that flushes swarf from the cutting edge.

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