UK introduction for Comat with AGS

Advanced Grinding Solutions of Coventry has struck a partnership with the Italian filtration system manufacturer Comat.

Chris Boraston, MD at AGS, explains the rationale behind the new joint venture: “We’ve been importing a wide range of grinding and finishing machinery into the UK for decades, and have previously relied upon the choice of the machine builders that specify filtration units for their machines. This has worked reasonably well, but has proven to be problematic in recent years because either UK-based support for the filter units was non-existent or, if it was, we found it increasingly difficult to get good and fast support. This is because most UK-based distributors of filter systems are usually excluded from the purchasing process as filters are mostly bought turnkey directly from machine makers.”
It transpired that Rollomatic, which is AGS’ biggest agency and supplies many tool grinding machines into the UK every year, was working closely with Comat. AGS was therefore given excellent references for its systems and subsequently arranged to visit the company, which is based near Milan.
Comat manufactures super-filtration systems that deliver ≤2-3 μm filtration quality, making oil cleaner than new, unused oil. Importantly, this occurs throughout the entire working cycle, while minimising lifetime running costs and maintaining maximum coolant consistency.
Importantly for AGS and its UK end users, Comat filter systems use the company’s ‘Intelligent Performance Technology’, which allows remote monitoring in real-time during the manufacturing processes to ensure that optimum filtration quality is obtained at all times. Of course, remote diagnostics is part of this offer and overcomes most of the issues AGS had with other filter units. Furthermore, depending upon the model, the Comat filter units can be monitored, controlled and optimised by integrated controls, or externally by PCs, tablets or smartphones.
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