Two new tools for multiple measurements

Reliable, flexible measuring equipment is indispensable in production and quality assurance. This is what two new additions to the Mahr family stand for: the MarCal 30 EWRi depth caliper and the new Millimar P 2002 sensor.

Normally, it is not possible to measure lengths linearly over the entire measuring path with an inductive probe. This is not the case with the new Millimar P 2002 all-rounder from Mahr, which achieves high linearity thanks to its optimally matched measuring system.

Wherever the lengths, the new P 2002 shows its strengths; from brake discs and smartphone covers to turbine blades, Mahr says that its new Millimar sensor is a true all-rounder. The probe stands for maximum measuring accuracy and minimal linearity deviations over the entire measuring range. At the same time, its revised ball guide ensures high-precision, easy handling.

The second new Mahr addition, the MarCal 30 EWRi depth caliper, represents maximum process reliability. This tool allows users to measure completely without any disturbing cables and to benefit from its fast, automatic data acquisition that eliminates manual input errors. The depth caliper sends the displayed measured value directly to the user’s Windows application via radio transmission and at the touch of a button.

Lapped guide rails allow the slider to run smoothly and sensitively. Depending on the measuring task, users can measure either with the universal stylus or the wide front measuring surface: the stylus is removable for this purpose. Mahr offers 30 EXm long measuring bridges of 300 and 400 mm for supporting or bridging distances. Mounting is simple and can be individually adjusted in the hole grid. This means that users can easily reach their measuring point, even with larger support distances.

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