Turning trio boost multi-faceted expertise

Three turning machines supplied by TW Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC) are playing a key role at Sheffield-based Cosmopolitan Engineering, where they enable the company to consistently meet customer demands. Installed progressively, the trio of Hyundai-Wia turning machines – an L400LMC lathe with C axis and driven tools,
an SKT-300 turning centre and a L300C two-axis lathe – have enabled the firm to produce parts as one-offs or in small batches of up to 10. However, one particular ongoing contract for the volume machining of a family of axles demonstrates how the Ward CNC-supplied machines combine to good effect.

Produced from EN24T billets, the axles range in size from 100 to 120 mm diameter, and from 290 to 937 mm long. All sizes are turned to diameter then, on the shortest version, a grease nipple hole is drilled and a 16 mm wide by 20 mm deep cross slot is machined by the SKT-300. On the larger sizes, which are machined on the 2 m bed L400LMC on C axis and driven tools, a screw thread is generated.
Mark Leonard, who has been production manager at the company for over two decades, says the machines have never let Cosmopolitan Engineering down.
“We have been dealing with Ward CNC for many years, working with the applications engineering department to machine/manufacture items such as tool posts, to accompany new machine sales. Importantly, the Hyundai-Wia machines are all powerful, geared headstock machines – with a 22 kW spindle motor on the L300C, 26 kW on the SKT-300 and 30 kW on the L400LMC.”
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