Turn-milling with three toolssimultaneously

In turn-milling cycles on the new Miyano BNE-51MSY, it is possible to use up to three tools simultaneously so that both ends of a workpiece can be machined in a single cycle.
The BNE-51MSY, with its fixed-head main spindle and two-axis secondary spindle, has the advantage of synchronised/superimposed control, which is applied to both 12-station, all-driven turrets, one with three axes of travel, the other with two. Not only does this configuration reduce cycle times, it increases tooling utilisation and performance when setting single operational sequences, says Citizen.
Featuring a weight of 8 tonnes, the Miyano BNE-51MSY has been developed to optimise heavy-cutting cycles and deliver fine surface finishes and extended tool life, especially on difficult-to-machine materials. This is achieved through the benefit of a heavy slant-bed casting with precision hand-scraped square guideways.
Its fixed main spindle offers 15 kW of output, while the secondary spindle is powered by a 7.5 kW drive with 150 mm of stroke in X3, and 450 mm in Z3. Both spindle arrangements have 51 mm capacity and deliver speeds up to 5000 rpm.
Multiple tools can be carried in both rigid and hydraulically-clamped curvic coupling turrets, enabling simultaneous service to either or both spindles. Overlapping tooling applications further reduce non-cutting time.
The configuration of turret axes enables the upper turret (HD1) to provide X1, Z1 and Y1 travels of 190, 380 and ±40 mm, while the lower turret (HD2) has X2 travel of 190 mm and Z2 of 175 mm.
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