Turn-mill mid-size parts in one hit

The G320 twin-spindle turn-mill centre from German lathe manufacturer Index, featuring two lower tool turrets and an upper B-axis milling spindle head, is a new addition to the company’s product range. Together with the new G300 that utilises a third turret in place of the tool spindle, the machines complete the German manufacturer’s range for the turning and milling of complex, medium-size components in one hit. The sole sales and service agent for the UK, Ireland and Gulf markets is Kingsbury.

Capable of machining components up to 1400 mm long, the G320 joins a larger G420 model, introduced in 2018, the success of which led to the swift addition of an even bigger, more powerful G520 variant and a smaller version, the G220. These other sizes of machine have equivalent options that deploy an upper turret rather than a B-axis spindle.

All four model sizes share the same design, based on generously dimensioned linear guideways in the X and Z axes, and a rigid, mechanically and thermally stable, mineral-cast monoblock machine bed with good vibration damping characteristics. Rapid traverse rates are up to 50 m/min.

Notably, the milling spindle of the G320, positioned above the centreline of the identical, twin-opposed main and counter spindles, has -25 to +205° of B-axis swivel and 250 mm of Y-axis movement in addition to X/Z linear travels of 620/1400 mm. Full five-axis machining at either work spindle is therefore possible in conjunction with the C axes.

The tool spindle rating is 16.6 kW/72 Nm/12,000 rpm (100% DC) or 16 kW/45 Nm/18,000 rpm (100% DC), while the tool magazine has space for up to 111 tools (HSK-T63 or Capto C6).

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