Turbocharged productivity with Kitamura

ELE Advanced Technologies is a company with an aerospace pedigree that dates back to 1955 when Earby Light Engineers (ELE) was founded to manufacture compressor blades for Rolls-Royce. In the 65 years since, the Colne-based company has expanded its scope by targeting the aerospace, power generation and automotive sectors.

In the last decade, ELE Advanced Technologies has invested heavily in production equipment for the manufacture of IGT, aerospace and automotive power-generation parts, such as blades, vanes and a complete range of turbine components. Part of this investment has included the installation of three Kitamura machining centres, with the latest model arriving from Dugard at the start of April, during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Kitamura Mycenter HX500iG/630 is an identical model and specification to another that was installed in 2017.

ELE’s technical director David Dudley says: “The reason we bought the third machine is that the process from the other two Kitamuras is so repeatable. We wanted a machine that we could plug in and just start making components that will conform to specification perfectly.”

Alluding to the Mycenter HX500iG/630 and the qualities it possesses to machine components at ELE Advanced Technologies, he adds: “The parts we are making on the Kitamura machines are being installed on an IGT engine and are manufactured from exotic alloys like Nimonic. These components have very tight tolerances and the materials are very difficult to machine. With the Kitamura machines, you can load a part, machine it and then be confident that when you put it on the CMM everything will be 100% correct.”

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