Tungaloy HFM mills support high feed rates

Introduced by Tungaloy is the company’s new TungForceFeed small diameter high-feed milling cutter. With a tool diameter range from 8 to 16 mm, the TungForceFeed caters for a diameter range smaller than the existing DoFeed series.

Aimed at the mould and die industry, and general machining applications, the TungForceFeed is available with both a high-feed insert and an R2 insert line that can be applied to machining a diverse range of materials, from alloy steel, stainless and hardened steels, through to cast iron, titanium alloys and heat resistant alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy.
Tungaloy’s high-feed insert is suitable for general high-feed milling applications and subcontract machine shops, while the R2 insert designation is designed for full profiling and semi-roughing to semi-finishing processes. R2 inserts have a free-cutting geometry that eliminates chatter and improves surface finishes, along with a built-in wiper that reduces burr formation. Applying the latest PremiumTec coatings, the inserts are offered in Tungaloy’s AH3225 and AH8015 grades. The AH3225 incorporates a multi-layer nano coating that is said to optimise cutting-edge integrity and increase wear, fracture and oxidation resistance. AH8015 has a hard coating layer that improves performance on difficult to machine materials, reports Tungaloy.
Especially prominent in high-feed machining applications is the design of the toolholder, which is suitable for shoulder milling, slotting, ramping, plunging and helical feed drilling. The toolholder pockets are designed with a positive inclination that works in synergy with the thick corner inserts. Supporting this feature, the toolholders have a robust M2 screw that reduces screw neck shearing, which can be commonplace during high cutting force applications.
For further information www.tungaloy.com/uk