Trumpf machine keeps Alpha on target

Alpha Manufacturing, one of the UK’s largest precision sheet metal fabricators, has ordered a TruPunch 5000 CNC punching centre from Trumpf, which complements the acquisition last year of a Trumpf TruLaser 3030 CNC fibre laser profiling centre, and helps keep the company on track to achieve its ‘2020 Vision’ – a five-year plan to double turnover by 2020.

Last year, Alpha installed a STOPA automated materials handling and storage system, to which the company linked its new Trumpf TruLaser 3030. In the coming 18-months, the company intends to extend the STOPA by 5-10 bays, when it will be possible to fully integrate the TruPunch 5000.
“The TruPunch 5000 replaces an automated machine from another supplier and gives us far greater capacity – I estimate that it is 100% quicker,” says operations director Paul Clews.
Trumpf‘s TruPunch 5000 features backlash-free drives for high axis acceleration, while the high rotational speed of the C axis enables fast tapping, as well as the productive processing of complex contours. Thanks to the hydraulic drive it is possible to punch at up to 1600 strokes per minute and mark parts at 2800 strokes per minute.
“This investment is a clear indication of the direction in which the company will be heading in the coming years,” concludes Clews. “In fact, we have taken on three really big customers in the past few months, bringing orders that represent around £3 million per annum. Together with the greater efficiency and capacity afforded by our new Trumpf machines, we remain on track to double turnover by 2020.”
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