TruLaser 5000 powerdoubles to 24 kW

Trumpfhas upgraded TruLaser 5000 series by fitting a laser that provides twice the power that was formerly standard. With an output of 24 kW, the new laser – a TruDisk 24001 – can process sheet-metal parts up to three times more quickly. Depending on the material and application, the upgraded TruLaser 5000 can handle up to 80% more sheets of metal per hour.

“Increased laser power means companies can slash processing times while also improving the quality of processed parts,” says product manager Patrick Schüle. “Offering a patented cutting unit, automated functions and dynamic performance, this technology significantly boosts productivity. With double the laser power, the new machine can cut parts much faster. In addition, the more powerful TruLaser 5000 is able to cut mild steel with a sheet thickness of up to 20 mm using nitrogen as the cutting gas. This eliminates the need for reworking that arises when oxygen is used.”

With a 12 kW laser, sheet-metal processors are able to cut sheets of mild steel to a maximum thickness of 15 mmwith nitrogen as the cutting gas. In order to cut thicker parts, it is necessary to add oxygen, which leads to the formation of an oxide layer on the cut edges of the part. Alternatively, companies can use a plasma machine to cut thick parts, although this is much slower and less precise, reports Trumpf. By contrast, the 24 kW machine can handle sheet thicknesses of up to 20 mm using nitrogen. As a result, there is barely any need for reworking and productivity increases. At the same time, the increased laser power improves the quality of cut parts, especially for medium and high sheet thicknesses.
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