Tornos unveils Swiss DT models

Over the past few months, Tornos has been launching a number of products that form part of its entry-level portfolio of turning machines. Now, with the introduction of the Swiss DT13 and Swiss DT26 turning machines, a full product line-up is available.

Tornos’ entry-level segment comprises two product lines, namely the CT20 machine, the second version of the machine recently introduced, and the Swiss DT model. Both model variants are subject to constant evolution. Against this backdrop, the Swiss DT13 and Swiss DT26 models have undergone significant modifications that are aimed at improving their rigidity and axis feed rates.
The Swiss DT13 has been conceived for bar capacities of 13 mm (10 mm without bar preparation). In addition, the machine is provided with five linear axes and two C axes, while its kinematic system has been developed for high-productivity applications. Thanks to maximum feed rates that can reach 35 mm/min and L-type kinematics, the Swiss DT13 is said to be extremely fast, with ultra-short chip-to-chip times. Maximum spindle speed is 15,000 rpm.
Tornos’ Swiss DT26 features five linear axes. Given the bar capacity and performance of the machine, Tornos engineers have prioritised high chip removal by arranging the gang tool post above the guide bush and spindle. With its spindles offering power of more than 10.5 kW for both main and counter operations, in combination with a bar capacity of 25.4 mm, the Swiss DT26 enables large cutting depths. Against this backdrop, high chip removal is required to tap into the full potential of the machine. Just like the Swiss DT13 model, the machine is equipped with a motorised guide bush and, in less than 15 minutes, can be converted to enable collet operation.
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