Tooling firm has ally in Haimer

Located in Poole, Allied Tooling is a business that has completely evolved its cutting-tool services over almost 40 years of existence.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services, from the supply and sharpening of TCT saw blades, to bespoke CNC and PCD tooling for the woodworking and metal-cutting industries. Allied has recently spent almost £1.2m on new equipment, including Vollmer and Anca grinding machines, and three machines from Haimer.
The company acquired a Haimer Tool Dynamic TD Comfort balancing machine, a UNO 20/70 Microset pre-setter and a Power Clamp Economic Plus NG heat-shrink machine.
As to why the company opted for the Haimer UNO 20/70 Microset pre-setter, Allied Tooling’s Rod Knight says: “It is simple to use, the software is very user friendly and we even selected a version with the extra travel height of 700 mm for our particularly long tools.”
Looking at the heat-shrink system, Knight states: “With the Haimer Power Clamp Economic Plus NG, we can now offer a service where we heat-shrink customer tools into holders for them. What we do is re-lap or re-grind tools in the holders, which are perfectly concentric. This is a service that has taken our business into an area that we didn’t have before. We can provide a complete refurbishment service on the tools.”
Moving on to the arrival of the Haimer tool balancing system, Knight says: “Everything we do on our Vollmer machines has to be balanced to within 2.5G. It’s essential, especially as some of the machines using these tools are now running upward of 24,000 rpm. If you have a tool that isn’t balanced when working at those speeds, it won’t be long before you have a spindle that is out of sync.”
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