Tool management services offered on cloud

Cutting-tool specialist Mapal now offers its Tool Management services based on the c-Com cloud platform, a product of c-Com GmbH. Tool Management 4.0 is designed to provide an overview of all data and inventory movement, as well as costs.

Digitalisation opens up a world of new opportunities relating to tool management. Data and information is today available to all process stakeholders in a transparent and consistent fashion. As a result, the entire process is more efficiently structured. Mapal uses the c-Com open cloud platform, upon which it offers digital tool management services to give companies a functional and group-wide technology database. As a result, transparency and complete cost control are available to customers at all times; as are supplier’s prices, conditions and production dates, all of which are available in real time via c-Com. Where previously, individual lists with limited access were used, data is now consistent and transparent.
With Tool Management 4.0, customers have access to automatic analyses of data concerning delivery dates, current stock levels, tool reconditioning status and tool costs per component. Furthermore, technology transfer is made easier, while process parameters such as tool life and cutting values are managed at a central location and can be accessed by the customer’s manufacturing and planning departments, for example. This exchange can occur within a specific plant or across several sites.
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