Ticking to perfection at MACH 2024 show

SolidCAM UK says the company validated its admission of being one of the most powerful CAM systems in the world at its stand at the recent MACH 2024 exhibition in Birmingham.

Customer Sinclair Harding (UK) kindly displayed one of its refined clocks on SolidCAM UK’s stand throughout the week-long event. At MACH, attendees could see for themselves the result of hard work through studying and preserving original production techniques, blended with the introduction of new modern technology.

“If I’m going to call myself a clockmaker, I decided we’re going to make pretty much all of the parts in-house for each clock,” says Bob Bray, the company’s managing director. “A combination of traditional clockmaking and modern technology allows us to produce a clock with soul and character.”

This maker of fine clocks, based in Emley, West Yorkshire, machines a remarkable 99% of its parts in-house, which the company states would not be possible without its CAM software, training and support. Despite continuing to use the firm’s previous CAM software alongside, owing to the newer SolidCAM simultaneous five-axis capabilities, Sinclair Harding is now producing parts that it could only dream of before.

“Before SolidCAM we didn’t have the control over tool paths and operations like we do now,” says Bray. “SolidCAM allows us to control factors like step overs, lead in and lead out, where we can get the best quality surface finish on something where traditionally we probably wouldn’t be able to achieve a good finish.”

Utilising SolidCAM means that when Sinclair Harding does all of its hand finishing, the company saves a lot of time.

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