The perfect press brake formula

Whether a company is looking to invest in its first press brake or hoping to increase bending capabilities through an upgrade, one formula is needed to ensure success, suggests Press & Shear, which offers the Adira press brake range across the UK: performance + size = investment in the solution.

It sounds simple but many look to increase or change their bending capabilities without first considering these elements. Adira values it so much that the diversification of its entire range of press brakes is driven by these three factors. But what do they mean?

Press brake machines are measured on a number of key performance indicators. Consider this: is it up to the levels of productivity and output required; is the machine versatile enough to meet the different bending jobs coming in; is the machine user friendly; and will the business be able to get the most from it?

Press brakes come in all different shapes and sizes. This can dramatically impact performance, but also floor space. Considering size alongside performance will ensure precious space is not wasted and efficiencies remain high.

After determining the required performance and size, it is possible to look at how the return on investment will play out over time. Investing in a solution that will always be too large or which is over-powered for business needs can make it impossible to justify. Investment in a brake press must balance out to meet short and long-term business goals.

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