Tecomet gets a hold on productivity

When Tecomet, a manufacturer of products and services for the medical device, aerospace and defence sectors, needed a secure and flexible work-holding solution for its machine shop, the company turned to Hainbuch and its Manok stationary clamping system.

At the company’s Sheffield facility, where component precision, quality and surface finishes are critical, Hainbuch provided the most suitable and flexible solution. Tecomet’s first investment in Hainbuch equipment was the 65 mm Manok stationary chuck for its DMG DMU 50 machining centre.
Product manager Stephen Jackson says: “What we used to do here is hold the job in a two-jaw chuck, but this gave us a lot of issues with vibration and positional accuracy. So, we opted for the Manok 65 from Hainbuch and it solved our issues. The positional accuracy is spot-on and there are no more scratches or issues with surface finish. Furthermore, it’s saved a lot of reworking and secondary finishing.
“The rigidity of the Manok has improved our tool life dramatically and reduced our tooling costs,” he continues. “Furthermore, we’ve been able to push the tools harder and run the machines faster than before, and this has improved our cycle times while reducing tool consumption. On a particular femoral knee job, we’re looking to maintain a precision level of ±10 µm. One key point is that we have numerous five-axis machine tools on-site and we can interchange the Hainbuch system, easily placing it on another machine if necessary. It’s simple, quick and easy to use, and the support from Hainbuch has been very good.”
Following the success of the Manok, Tecomet purchased a pneumatic fixture plate with six Hydrok 42mm collet chucks from Hainbuch.
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