Tapping into a complete threading range

Floyd Automatic Tooling is the new UK and Ireland distribution partner for German cutting tool brand JBO, a specialist in precision tools for manufacturing and checking threads.

Established in 1849, the JBO brand encompasses: thread-milling cutters; shell-type thread milling tools and combination tools; PCD, CVD and CBN tools; thread-cutting dies and rolling dies; and precision thread gauges.

With such an expansive range of options, Floyd Automatic will be paying particular attention to thread mills, threading dies and thread gauges. With more than 80 pages in the JBO thread milling catalogue, the options now available from Floyd Automatic are extensive.

As an overview of the thread-milling options, JBO manufactures tools for all metric, metric fine, Whitworth, UNC, UNF, UN, UNJF and NPT requirements, plus a host of other thread-form designations. Within the thread geometries, Floyd can offer everything from standard solid-carbide thread mills to tools with chamfers, special tools, coated tools for challenging materials, and combination tools from M1 upwards.

The threading dies come in all recognised thread designations and pitches, with solid-carbide, coated, high-precision solutions and thread-rolling options. Also available are special dies with projected noses for confined spaces, re-cutting dies, split dies, special dies for external threads inside bores, bell-form dies for cutting two dies simultaneously, deburring tools for cross-drilled holes, and coated or uncoated elastic thread-cutting dies.

JBO also has a large range of precision thread gauges to match. Indeed, the company has more than 10,000 different thread dimensions and tolerance bands from 0.5 to 300 mm available for quick delivery to UK manufacturers via Floyd Automatic. The thread gauges include go and no-go gauges, box sets of plug and ring gauges, extended thread length gauges and the Multicheck range of digital gauges.

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