Switch fast from collet chuck to mandrel

SMW Autoblok has introduced its hybrid COMOT-AZ quick-change collet chuck featuring industry-standard diameter capacities of 42, 65 and 100 mm to accommodate a large variety of workpiece sizes.

Suitable for bar and tubular stock machining that requires multiple changeovers daily, COMOT-AZ can be used in three ways: for OD machining using standard collets; for greater accuracy utilising high-precision collets with COMOT-AZ/PA; or transform COMOT-AZ quickly into an expanding mandrel for ID clamping using the EMX series.

Used for hard turning, gear grinding, drilling, milling and more, COMOT-AZ provides low-deformation clamping of thin-walled workpieces and offers a large selection of standard collets available in round, square, hexagonal and special configurations when needed for virtually all sizes of spindles.

The optional COMOT-AZ/PA enables users to change from a standard collet to a high-precision collet for holding workpieces from 3 to 100 mm with high accuracy and repeatability. As a point of note, the EMX series extension mandrel is also available for internal workpiece fixtures.

For automated loading, COMOT-AZ provides air sensing to ensure that the part is seated properly before the machine cycle starts. Other advantages include radial fine adjustment and a case-hardened body and internal parts for high resistance and longer life.

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