SwissNano 10 unveiled at SIAMS

At the SIAMS 2022 exhibition in Switzerland last month, Tornos took the opportunity to release its SwissNano 10 for micro-turning applications in sectors such as watchmaking, medical and dental.

SIAMS is a key event in the micro-technology industry, attracting visitors from far afield. On the Tornos stand they got to see first-hand the new SwissNano 10, which the company says increases productivity by at least 40%.

Despite its small size, the SwisssNano does not shy away from even the most difficult challenges. Now capable of machining parts up to 100 mm in length (up to 10 mm diameter), Tornos says the SwissNano stands out as a solution for any workshop looking to boost its productivity and efficiency. The machine’s footprint remains modest, despite an integrated chip conveyor, since it has been ingeniously placed under the bar feeder. This design is an adapted solution that allows for optimal management, even in a restricted space. Additionally, the SwissNano’s lower power consumption makes it a particularly energy-efficient machine, reports Tornos.

The company says that users can improve and secure autonomy with Tornos’ Active Chip Breaker Plus software, while increasing their parts portfolio with four tools and up to two live tools in back-operation.

All SwissNano machines are designed to produce small parts requiring very high precision. The kinematics allow these machine to produce a large number of watch movement parts, from simple to complex – including, for example, gear hobbing – with high surface finish.

Notably, the SwissNano’s kinematic structure was conceived for balance and thermal management, thus allowing very fast warm-up.

Joining the SwissNano 4 and SwissNano 7, the new SwissNano 10 completes and expands the range.

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