Studer S41 ticks Magellan’s boxes

The Bournemouth facility of Magellan Aerospace manufactures items such as pintle pins, undercarriage pins and split chrome halves, all of which need high-precision grinding to achieve the required standards of accuracy and surface finish.

Here, the company has recently installed a Studer S41 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine from Advanced Grinding Supplies.
“Having been enthusiastic users of Studer S30 and S21 grinders, purchased from Advanced Grinding Supplies Ltd, not only have we been delighted with the performance of these machines, we have also been impressed by the support and advice received from the supplier,” says Keith Summers, engineering manager, special projects European operations.
“I was able to visit the Studer factory in Switzerland and witness in-depth grinding trials that confirmed the performance of the S41 on our parts, and its ability to deliver improvements in cycle times. As a result of the S41’s suitability, and given the guarantee of continued support from Advanced Grinding Supplies, we were happy to place an order.
“The help of Advanced Grinding Supplies was invaluable when we were specifying the machine and its accessories and consumables, such as dressing tools, grinding wheels and coolant,” continues Summers. “We believe that these important add-ons will help us to realise the full productive potential of our new grinder.
“The speed and flexibility of our Studer S41 is already helping in our ongoing quest for productivity improvements. As well as increasing our current component grinding capacity, the S41’s between centres and centre height capacities, in addition to its large weight bearing capability, will ensure that it is able to undertake the precision grinding of all future components.”
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