Students thrust magnesium into the spotlight

Students in Birmingham are being challenged to showcase the potential uses of magnesium within the aerospace sector as part of a competition being staged by Birmingham City University and the world’s largest producer of magnesium components, Meridian.

At 1.8 g/cm³, magnesium is the lightest of all structural materials, however, misconceptions surrounding the element’s properties have seen a historical aversion to designing products with this material when compared with less sustainable and heavier metals.
The competition being set by the partners aims to alter these perceptions with an interdisciplinary art installation designed by students that will be showcased to experts at the university, Meridian and the International Magnesium Association (MIA), which is also supporting the project. If the winning prototype inspires further investment, it is hoped a full-scale version will be crafted from magnesium and exhibited in a partner venue.
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