Streamlining AM simulation

Additive manufacturing (AM) expert Renishaw is collaborating with Simufact to enhance the success of laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) builds through accurate simulation and streamlined AM preparation.

The collaboration includes the integration of Renishaw’s QuantAM build preparation software into Simufact Additive 2020. Also, the two companies are working together on improving the simulation of complex material metallurgies found in the process to enable the successful prediction and compensation of stress and distortion during printing operations.
Included within Simufact Additive 2020 is an integrated Renishaw QuantAM API for build job preparation and export, which provides the user with an error-free data transmission from Simufact Additive directly to Renishaw systems. This functionality also improves productivity because the entire work process, from design to printed part, is possible within the software. QuantAM API now enables multi-laser build file preparation for Renishaw’s RenAM 500Q quad-laser machine.
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