Step change for tape finishing

The precision machining of wave-shaped components to reduce roughness and friction, as well as for structuring and increasing the contact area of functional surfaces, can now be carried out even more efficiently: Thielenhaus Superfinish has released a new self-loading tape-finishing machine for machining shafts, bearing and sealing seats. The Cube Evo is available as a freely programmable unit and is designed to meet future Industry 4.0 standards.

A program with all the parameters required for the machining process, such as workpiece speed, machining time, oscillation, grinding pressure and tape speed can be stored and loaded for every workpiece that needs to be produced. This functionality makes it possible to index precisely to all tape finisher positions via the controller, or manually using the positioning system. Furthermore, the self-explanatory user operation surface with its pull-down menus allows all settings to be carried out quickly and easily by the operator without special training, says Thielenhaus.
Automatic loading technology reduces the machine’s non-productive time and loading processes to an absolute minimum. With its quickly adjustable tape-finish units, the modular construction provides flexible, cost-neutral configuration. In the standard working area, workpieces can have dimensions of up to 200 mm diameter and 800 mm length.
As an option, the new finishing machines can be equipped with an integrated three-axis handling system, programmable via the Siemens central control system. The grippers, tailor-made for the workpiece, have been designed as double loading to achieve short changeover times and can be quickly exchanged to adapt to the respective type of component.
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