Staff save KMF £0.53m

This year is year seven of the Productivity Share Scheme (PSS7) run by KMF Precision Sheet Metal. The scheme pays out an annual bonus to any employee who spots an opportunity for cost saving within the KMF Group. It concentrates on the seven key areas of waste: over-production, inventory, transport, process, idle time, operator motion and quality.
A total of 194 employees contributed to the cost-saving scheme this year, resulting in total PSS7 savings for the KMF Group of £530,589.26.
PSS7 is also unique in that it is the first-time KMF Precision Sheet Metal has extended this project across the group to include KMF Precision Engineering. This year’s taster scheme resulted in £31,793.20 worth of savings from 30 contributors. Since 2013, the productivity share scheme has saved KMF over £1.8m and significantly increased efficiency and productivity within the company’s sheet metal fabrication service.
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