Squaring up to miniature shoulder milling

Tungaloy has extended its Tung-Tri indexable square shoulder milling system with the new size 04 insert. The 04 size has a 3.5 mm cutting edge length that makes this new arrival compatible with tool body diameters as small as 8 mm. With the 04 inserts available for tool bodies from 8 to 25 mm diameter, the extremely small Tung-Tri 04 insert has a 4 mm inscribed circle, yet it delivers the same benefits of light cutting and long tool life that existing Tung-Tri inserts have been providing for manufacturers. This capability enables the Tung-Tri 04 to generate up to double the tooth density when compared with alternate tools, and subsequently increase feed rates. The compact configuration enables a 16 mm diameter Tung-Tri 04 cutter to offer four inserts per cutter, whereas the 25 mm diameter cutter can facilitate six teeth. This insert density is common throughout the Tung-Tri series, ensuring that all tool body diameters and insert designations can offer maximum productivity levels and feed rates for end users.

Complementing the new compact size 04 inserts are tool bodies for size 06, 10 and 15 inserts. The 06 inserts are suitable for 12 to 50 mm diameter tool bodies, with 25 to 100 mm bodies for the size 10 inserts and 40 to 160 mm diameter bodies for the size 15 inserts.

The new Tung-Tri series uses three-edged inserts developed specifically to deliver precision, productivity and cost efficiency for shoulder milling applications. According to Vargus, this allows users to choose an optimal tool set-up according to the given part sizes and the required material removal volume.

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