Software platform boosts machine tending

Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots), is releasing a new software platform specifically for machine-tending tasks. The name is PolyScope X and, through a customisable user interface, UR says it will add new levels of flexibility to high-mix, low-volume machine tending automation.With PolyScope X, machine shop operators can achieve changeover times of less than 10 minutes – far below what is possible today with any other software, reports the company.This capability will empower users to run more batches in a day and in a more strategic and flexible way.

PolyScope X arrives at a time when manufacturers all over the world are looking for increased flexibility to handle shifting and increasingly diverse orders. At the same time, the new software platform introduces a powerful reworked programming experience and toolset. This enables integrators and OEM partners to structure their program code in a way that makes each operation simpler to understand, maintain and troubleshoot.

“PolyScope X is a landmark development in machine-tending automation,” says Anders Billesø Beck, Universal Robot’s vice president for strategy andinnovation.“The simplicity of the user interface and the much faster changeover times will provide manufacturers with a whole new set of possibilities regarding how they automate their machine tending tasks.It will allow them to break some of the barriers that are holding them back today.”

PolyScope X for machine tending is initially available in Germany, the UK and Denmark.
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