Software for 3D laser cutters

The family of software products from Prima Power has been expanded with the introduction of the company’s FastSuite Prima Power Edition, which has been developed by Cenit AG for Prima Power. The agreement with Cenit provides for the new 3D laser CAM software to be dedicated to 3D Prima Power laser cutting machines and distributed globally by the Italian company.

“Our latest product enables customers to set up their production processes as quickly and efficiently as possible, as the software is tailored to their requirements,” states Marco Pivanti, Prima Power 3D laser product manager.
The FastSuite Prima Power Edition manages the entire offline programming process, from importing CAD data to optimising the NC program. Among the main strengths of the software are the user-friendly interface, the integrated Prima Power cycle time simulator, and greater simplicity of configuration and management of licences.
In order to further increase the flexibility of the offer, FastSuite Prima Power Edition is available in two packages: Prima Power 3D Laser CAM Sharp, which includes the complete CAM system at a competitive price; and Prima Power 3D Laser CAM Genius, which also includes the fixture builder functions and the Prima Power cycle time simulator. The latter is described as the solution with the best price-to-performance ratio.
For more specific needs, Prima Power also offers Cenit-standard products like FastSuite E2 OLP, for customers that need to use the software on non-Prima Power machines, and FastTrim, the offline programming solution integrated with CATIA V5.
Prima Power will continue the distribution of Tebis software packages.
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