Sodick introduces VN series wire EDM

For manufacturers that demand the epitome of precision, component quality and production efficiency, Sodick Europe says it has introduced its new VN series of linear motor-driven wire EDM machines. Presented as a high-quality enhanced range of standard EDM machines, the new arrival offers the added advantage of reduced power consumption and operational costs.

Available in two variants, the new VN400Q and the VN600Q can deliver a 20% decrease in power consumption when compared with standard models. With up to 70% of wire EDM energy consumption used by the dielectric treatment system, the Sodick VN series overcomes this issue with a new fluid control circuit that reduces the energy needed to drive the dielectric processing pump. Utilising an inverter to control the vertical flushing flow rate during machiningdelivers a 20% reduction in power consumption during machine standby.

As well as reducing power consumption, the newly developed energy-saving pump is integrated into the dielectric tank and, along with the LN3W/LP3W power supply unit, the Sodick VN series significantly improves nozzle flushing performance to amplify open cutting speeds by up to 15%. In addition, an intelligent monitoring circuit oversees the vertical flushing flow rate to provide further optimisation of the pump drive energy for flushing.

Also contributing to the efficiency of the Sodick VN series is the linear motor drive system with linear scales. Providing precise high-speed axis motion that is wear-free, it is possible to maintain extremely responsive speed, precision and repeatability for years to come. This performance sees a further enhancement with the latest K-SMC motion controller that governs axis movements and tracks spark-gap adjustments.
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