Smaller F-series HMC released by Heller

Following the launch by Heller of the F 6000 travelling-column five-axis horizontal machining
centre (HMC) at the EMO trade show in Hanover last September, the German manufacturer
is introducing another new model. The F 5000, with its smaller working volume of 800 x 850
x 1100 mm, has 1000 x 1000 x 1400 mm axis travels and comes with many different types of
in-house developed, integrated motor spindles.
A speed cutting unit in combination with the HSK-A 100 tool shank (HSK-A 63 optional)

reaches speeds of 15,000 rpm. As an alternative, a dynamic cutting unit is suitable for
universal use at up to 400 Nm and 12,000 rpm. For heavy-duty machining, a power cutting
unit with a gear spindle and 1146 Nm of torque output is available.
The redesigned spindle head is of compact design and high rigidity thanks to the robust 45°,
backlash-free kinematics and short distance between the bearing and tool shank. Swivel
range is 350° for flexible five-sided machining. Customers can specify either a chain-type
magazine for up to 150 cutters or a rack-type magazine with 425 positions for HSK-A 100
tools (489 for HSK-A 63).
Featuring a cast-iron structure, modular design and narrow width at 3.7 m, the machining
centre is configurable to various small-to-medium batch production applications, ranging
from general mechanical engineering through powertrain component machining to
aerospace. The production platform is just as efficient for the manufacture of single parts as
it is for series runs, reports Heller.
As with the F 6000, the F 5000’s capabilities are expandable to include turning at up to 700
rpm, interpolation turning, gear cutting, grinding, power skiving and even friction stir
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