Small-part turning tools unveiled by NTK

NTK Cutting Tools is releasing its Stick Duo Splash cartridge insert line for the turning of small parts. Stick Duo Splash inserts direct high-pressure coolant at the cutting edge, helping to overcome the issues of poor swarf clearance when machining small parts that require internal turning and threading operations.

The Stick Duo Splash is available in two variants that offer either a single coolant outlet directed to the tip of the insert or, alternatively, a two-outlet holder which delivers cutting fluid to both the front and rear side of the tool insert. Stick Duo Splash inserts with two coolant outlets have been designed for evacuating chips during the processing of blind holes, while the single coolant outlet tool is suitable for the machining of through-holes and bores.
NTK’s Stick Duo Splash tool-holder cartridge has been developed for use with machine tools that have both standard and through-coolant delivery configurations. However, the flexibility of the Stick Duo Splash allows end users to attach the coolant hose to either a screw hole at the rear end of the cartridge, or via a connection point located at the front end. NTK has developed the Stick Duo Splash with two coolant inlet options to meet the various tooling configurations and set-ups of small turning centres and sliding-head machines with compact work envelopes.
Stick Duo Splash is available with a variety of cartridge dimensions that meet the specifications of all modern turning machines. Available diameters include 16, 19.05, 20, 22, 25 and 25.4 mm, with an overall length of 90, 110, 120 and 125 mm.
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