Sliding-head lathes with LFV

Citizen Machinery has added two sliding-head, twin-spindle turn-mill centres of 32 mm bar capacity to its Cincom programme. Designated L32-X LFV and L32-XII LFV, both feature the firm’s patented low-frequency vibration (LFV) software in the control’s operating system that acts in two axes to convert what would normally be long, stringy swarf into short, more manageable chips. LFV is particularly helpful when machining stainless steels, plastics and copper, and can be applied not only to turning, but to grooving, thread cutting and drilling.

Different to the two other L32 bar autos in the range, the eight-axis L32-X adds a Y2 axis to the Z2 axis on the back tool post. So does the nine-axis L32-XII, which additionally has +90/-45° B-axis swivel on the front gang tool post, where rotary tools can work at either spindle to produce angled holes. Both machines are available in 35 and 38 mm bar diameter versions, and may be used with or without the guide bush.
Citizen’s L32 design is modular, enabling users to streamline their manufacturing costs by selecting functions that achieve the optimum machine configuration, while retaining the option of being able to add extra functionality later. A workpiece conveyor is standard. Control is via the Industry 4.0-ready Mitsubishi 800 CNC, which allows up to three tools to be in-cut at the same time.
As many as 44 tools for front, back and cross machining are available in the L32-X model, while the B-axis L32-XII version accepts four fewer. The speed range of the 3.7/7.5 kW main spindle and 2.2/3.7 kW counter spindle is up to 8000 rpm. Both have a C axis for use in conjunction with driven tool stations in the three tool carriers.
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