Sixth Walter machine at Techni-Grind

Techni-Grind (Preston), a supplier of tool regrinding services to the aerospace industry, has installed its sixth Walter CNC tool and cutter grinder to increase capacity levels – a Helitronic Vision 400L with integrated robot handling and wheel changer.

The new machine not only extends the length of tooling that can be processed – to 420 mm long – but its automated handling and wheel changing capability will also, says Techni-Grind’s manager Michael Bell, “further extend our ability to confidently run the Vision 400L unmanned and in a lights-out mode, thus further increasing our productivity levels”.
Capable of processing tools up to 315 mm diameter and 420 mm long, and weighing up to 50 kg, the Vision 400L has travels in X, Y and Z of 500, 350 and 700 mm, respectively. Rapid traverse rates are up to 50 m/min, and the machine boasts linear and radial resolutions of 0.0001 mm and 0.0001°. Grinding wheels up to 254 mm diameter can be accommodated within the eight-station wheel changer, and grinding spindle speed is up to 10,500 rpm.
The Vision 400L joins the company’s existing portfolio of Walter tool grinders and tool measuring machines, which have been progressively installed – a Classic Power, a Power, a Power Regrinder and two Helitronic Visions (one with robot loading), plus a Helicheck Basic tool measuring machine.
Now, with the new machine meaning that two of the company’s Visions are equipped with robot loader and pallet-held tools, these automation devices “are key to our often non-stop 24-hour running which, of
course, contributes greatly to
the production efficiencies we attain”, says managing director David Higham.
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