Single set-up processing of circular saw blades

Vollmer says it is accelerating the processing of carbide-tipped circular saw blades with its new CC 355 production system. The CC 355 enables circular saws for cutting wood to be fully sharpened, including all tooth faces, tooth tops and side angles, in a single working cycle. Four grip arms automatically carry the saw blades from the loading system to the three machining stations. Working through up to 800 teeth per hour, the Vollmer system can process circular saws with a diameter of between 150 and 355 mm.

The CC 355 is equipped with two machining stations for tooth faces and tooth tops, plus one station for side angles. Users can position a stack of un-machined parts either on the left or right, thus providing a free choice of the machining sequence direction and the order that saw teeth are produced. A total of 17 CNC axes control the procedure.
Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the Vollmer Group says: “The linchpin of our CC 355 is sharpening technology for carbide-tipped circular saws that has been over six decades in the making. Furthermore, the machine’s automated system makes the CC 355 perfect for saw manufacturers who want to produce large volumes of parts, and who also place exacting demands on the tools they use for woodworking.”
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