Simplifying machine misalignment checks

Pinpoint Laser Systems, a manufacturer of precision laser measurement and alignment products, has launched its latest laser-alignment tool, the 90-Line-D, for monitoring and detecting misalignment and other errors in machinery and equipment.

The 90-Line-D is Pinpoint’s newest product innovation for aligning and checking planar squareness and parallelism on assemblies, machinery and equipment. No fuss, easy set-up, and fast, precise results ensure that users can now check gantries, web and roll equipment, presses and CNC machine tools for peak alignment and efficiency. The 90-Line-D is compact, portable and available in wired and wireless versions.
An accurate pentaprism, for bending the laser precisely 90°, redirects an incoming laser beam to a new ‘square’ laser reference line. By rotating the front nosepiece of the 90-Line-D, this laser reference line forms a laser plane for additional alignment and measurements. A fine-adjust feature is included to help direct the laser beam exactly where required, while a built-in detector monitors the incoming laser beam and actively corrects for any misalignments or small errors.
The 90-Line-D is machined from a solid block of aluminium with a durable anodised finish, and features stainless steel components and internal glass optics.
The 90-Line-D is fully compatible with Pinpoint’s Microgage PRO line and works well with a variety of laser receivers, mounts and software options for the Microgage PRO Smart Display and Capture software products.
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