Sharpening shop benefits from automation

The global pandemic has impacted businesses around the world, but for Aiguisatek, the impact was compounded by stringent local regulation in the Quebec province that all but shut down manufacturing in the area. Luckily for the Delson-based company, its investment in a Vollmer CHD 270 eight-axis TCT circular saw blade sharpening machine with Vollmer ND250 automation station enabled Aiguisatek to run unmanned production throughout the pandemic.

In 2015 Aiguisatek expanded into PCD cutting tools, increasing its offering and market share with existing customers, and gaining new clients. Since this diversification, the company has witnessed 25% year-on-year growth, expanding beyond its local customer base to support clients across the Quebec and Ontario areas. Of course, such aggressive growth, not just in PCD tooling but also TCT saw blades, required additional investment. So, in 2019 Aiguisatek acquired a Vollmer CHD270 eight-axis tooth-top and face-grinding machine with ND250 automation solution as part of a $1.5m investment programme.

Alluding to this growth, Aiguisatek president Lisa Goulet says: “PCD tooling has been a game-changer for us and has accelerated our growth. In a short time, the breakdown of our products is now 35% PCD and 65% carbide tooling. Simultaneously, our TCT saw blade department has grown by an average of 15% annually and we’re now servicing over 1000 saw blades a week. We wouldn’t have sustained this growth without our investment in the Vollmer CHD270 and ND250. Almost 90% of our customer base is in the woodworking industry. We now have three staff delivering/collecting saws and tools daily to manufacturers of everything from cabinets and furniture, through to windows, doors and the construction industry.”

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