Shape it clever with Gasparini

Due to reasons that are well documented across Europe, manufacturers are faced with a shortage of skilled operators, especially in the sheet metal-working sector. Operating a press brake requires a good dose of talent, imagination and experience.

Even when the operator is trained and able to work autonomously, bending remains an activity that is sometimes tiring and tedious. This is particularly the case with regard to tooling, which often requires the handling of expensive and heavy tools. As batch sizes decrease, the time taken to position tools is often the same as the production time, reducing profitability.
For all these reasons, Gasparini has developed Agile, an automatic tool change system for press brakes up to 640 tonnes and 8 m capacity that offers high levels of versatility and customisation options.
Until now, automatic tool changers have focused on speed and the elimination of tooling errors. Agile is said to be a versatile automatic tool changer that allows bending to transform from a bottleneck to a production hub, releasing time and resources for other tasks.
Agile facilitates bending with frequent tooling, complex set-ups and expensive, heavy tools. The system helps in the production of special parts, both for the most experienced operators and those undergoing training. Handling both punches and tool adapters, Agile allows users to bend boxes measuring up to 290 mm tall, even with large size press brakes.
The work area can also be customised with bespoke opening, stroke and throat dimensions. Tooling can cover the entire machine length, with no limits on the length or number of stations. In addition, the machine can be equipped with front supports and bending aids, while the storage facility accommodates long tools, and supports hemming dies.
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