Saws UK selling Meber machines

Saws UK has struck up a partnership with Italian machine manufacturer Meber, to distribute its industrial cutting products in the UK. The 60-year-old family-run company manufactures a range of bandsaw machines for cutting wood, steel, aluminium, cast iron and plastic. To that extent, Meber has created customised machinery in order to cut materials requested by customers. According to the company, investing in a Meber product guarantees a sawing machine that will last a very long time, thanks to its robust design, reliability and expert build quality.

“We are extremely pleased to be the only company supplying Meber products to the UK market,” says a Saws UK spokesperson. “As a result, we’re looking forward to a productive business relationship. In fact, the first delivery of Meber machines has already arrived on the shop floor of our Crowborough showroom in East Sussex.”

In terms of products, Meber offers a range of manual and semi-automatic machines, including double-mitre, fully-automatic CNC machines. The type of companies that can benefit vary from one-man workshops and small steel fabrication companies, to steel stockholders and large industrial environments, such as the automotive sector and other heavy industries, as well as production engineering firms.

Meber can also manufacture customised in-feed and out-feed material handling systems equipped with different material end stops to suit individual company requirements.

“We’re not only delighted with the quality of the products, but happy to say that we can offer a very short lead time to deliver the majority of items in the Meber range,” says Saws UK.

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