Sawing line for continuous aluminium casting

Leichtmetall Aluminium Gießerei of Hanover specialises in the production of continuous cast hard alloy aluminium with ingot lengths of up to 7 m and diameters up to 685 mm. The company will shortly be able to produce ingots measuring up to 1200 mm in diameter. In order to separate the billets after casting into shorter sections between 500 mm and 6000 mm in length, the company sought a strong and precise bandsaw that was up to the task.

The company found what it was looking for in models of the Behringer large bandsaw series, which are suited to large diameters and extreme material weights. In other words, these machines can process heavy continuous castings with weights of up to 3200 kg/m and diameters up to 1300 mm. With a robust material handling system, users position the hard alloys billets centrically and then cut efficiently with the bandsaw. The sawing line is equipped with an effective extraction system for the aluminium dust produced at Leichtmetall Aluminium Gießerei.

Together with the customer, Behringer carried out cutting trials using its HBM1300Z model. Here, various materials were sawn in several passes using different cutting parameters in order to evaluate the effect on chip formation and surface quality. Leichtmetall was more than satisfied with the results.

Today, the company has significantly reduced its previous cutting times with the new sawing line from Behringer, enabling it to establish fast process flows and material throughputs.
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