Sawing and drilling machine at SNCF

Geismar’s teams have successfully completed the installation of a carbide rail sawing and drilling machine ordered by SNCF, which is now part of its installation in Saulon, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

According to the national rail operator’s expectations, this fully automated machine tool contributes to the operations of its “Centre d’excellence rail”, the only workshop in France which includes a production line dedicated to short rails.
Said to be highly versatile, the Geismar carbide rail sawing and drilling machine allows precise cutting and drilling operations on 3 to 36 m rails, meeting customer standards and expectations. This latest generation technology offers high efficiency thanks to its drill spindle with high power output and a hydraulically driven blade which eliminates all vibrations.
Fully integrated into a cabin, the whole installation includes the machine, control panel and hydraulic power unit, as well as the electrical cabinet, thus representing a turnkey solution for SNCF.
This final stage marks the project’s completion, for which SNCF already expressed full satisfaction and ongoing trust in Geismar.
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