Saw blade firm puts trust in Vollmer

Steep mountain passes and narrow winding roads; this is how the first Vollmer sharpening machine found its way through the northern Italian Alps more than 25 years ago.

The machine’s destination was saw blade manufacturer Moreschi, in the small town of Vilminore di Scalve. A strong partnership has linked the two companies ever since, with Moreschi today relying on Vollmer CHD, CHF and CM grinding machines for sharpening carbide-tipped circular saws, and the Loroch KSC-710 series of machines for sharpening HSS circular saws.
Marco Moreschi, CEO, confirms that the company is “currently using more than 15 Vollmer and Loroch machines”.
Eight CNC-controlled axes, along with measuring technology, make the CHD 270 suitable for automatically machining carbide-tipped circular saw blades with an outer diameter of between 80 and 840 mm, while thanks to its fixed grinding unit and solid structure, the CM 300 grinding machine achieves precision for circular saw blades with a diameter between 200 and 1440 mm. When it comes to extremely large dimensions, right up to circular saw blades with a diameter of 2200 mm, Moreschi uses Vollmer’s CHM and CHMF 400 grinding machines. These two models, with five CNC axes each, grind the tooth face and tooth top of the saw teeth, as well as their sides.
Moreschi’s international customer base includes numerous companies from the steel and metal alloy industry, meaning that the blades are used mainly by large manufacturers, as well as in saw mills. Since customer requirements can differ greatly, Moreschi provides advice that is tailored to each individual customer, supported by custom-produced saw blades.
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