Rotary tables support larger cuts

The Detron GFA series of five-axis rotary tables is now available in the UK from YMT. Critical faces on the rotary tables are ground rather than just turned for indexing accuracy and concentricity.

Users can also increase productivity with larger cuts and benefit from smooth braking without deformation of the table surface. This latter attribute is supported by Detron’s patented dual-piston clamping technology and a fully enclosed brake-drum ring operating at high pressure.
Integrated radial and axial bearings, where the spindle and bearing is one unit, add to the rigidity of the rotary table. Additionally, the dual lead worm uses a large tooth depth resulting in a contact surface 33% greater than conventional worms. To ensure long service life, reliability and thermal stability, the worm is positioned at the bottom, so that it is totally immersed in oil. These features help ensure the table is suitable for heavy-duty five-axis machining.
The motors on the Detron GFA series are control-specific, so YMT tests the installation in-house before delivering it to the customer. All Detron GFA series rotary tables have ports in the table so that they are automation-ready, giving a clear upgrade path for end users.
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