Rotary table keeps Exactaform at ‘cutting edge’

In order to remain at the ‘cutting edge’ of tooling manufacture and help keep pace with growing demand for its output, employees at Coventry-based Exactaform continually search for advanced production equipment that will further improve capabilities. The latest addition to the company’s machining aids is a rotary table purchased from Swiss manufacturer PL Lehmann.

Research and development director Martyn Biddle says: “To further develop our capabilities in the important area of tooling trials we recently searched for a large, heavy-duty CNC rotary table that would provide the high-precision, five-axis machining that we need, and that could be retrofitted to our DMG Mori DMC 1450 machining centre. After carefully assessing alternative products from several manufacturers, we came to the conclusion that the T1-520530 TOP3 from PL Lehmann best matched our needs.

“Following trouble-free fitting into our machining centre and integration with its Siemens controller, our new rotary table soon began to deliver the levels of performance we were promised,” he continues. “The 5th axis provided by our PL Lehmann rotary table, and its impressive speed and precision, are now making significant contributions to our tooling machining trials.”

The T1-520530 TOP3 model, as installed on Exactaform’s DMG Mori DMC 1450, is PL Lehmann’s largest available CNC, 5th-axis rotary table, and is able to accommodate workpieces of up to 600 mm diameter and weighing up to 200 kg. Despite the rotary table’s capacity, its design means that it occupies a relatively small space within the machine tool. Given the demanding machining applications it undertakes, the rotary table boasts high clamping forces of 2000 Nm rotating/7000 Nm tilting. Aiding machining efficiency, the T1-520530 TOP3 provides 50 rpm rotating and 25 rpm tilting speeds.

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