Ringing the changes with a Studer grinder

The recent replacement an older grinding machine with a new Studer S121 universal cylindrical grinder from UK agent Micronz has ensured the efficient production of premium-quality ring gauges offering sub-micron levels of accuracy at the Bradford manufacturing facility of Bowers Group.

Metrology group technical director at Bowers, Tom Parry, says: “An older grinder, used to internal-grind our ring gauges, was beginning to need regular maintenance so we recently made the decision to purchase a new machine. We’ve been very impressed with the precision and efficiency of a Studer S33 grinder that we installed several years ago. This machine is now in constant use grinding spindles and other high-precision components.

“After carefully evaluating market alternatives we came to the conclusion that the Studer S121 best met our challenging, sub-micron precision grinding requirements,” he continues. “It helped our decision that, although we chose the S121 on its technical merits, the Studer machine was actually less expensive than some of the less able grinders that we saw. Now installed in our dedicated, temperature-controlled precision grinding department, the Studer S121 has significantly improved our ring gauge manufacturing capabilities. It’s providing outstanding sub-micron levels of grinding precision and enabling highly efficient production.”

The S121 universal cylindrical grinding machine accommodates medium-sized workpieces in both individual and small batch production runs. It has a swing diameter above the table of 400 mm and is able to process workpiece lengths, including clamping devices, of up to 300 mm. An internal length of up to 175 mm can be ground, while the S121 can handle workpieces of up to 125 kg.

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