Report shows Airbus impact in UK

A new report by Oxford Economics has revealed the full extent of the contribution that Airbus makes to the UK economy in terms of GDP, employment, tax and investment. Operating from more than 25 sites across the UK, Airbus is the largest civil aerospace company in the country, the biggest civil aerospace exporter, Britain’s largest space company, the biggest supplier of large aircraft to the Royal Air Force and is responsible for around 50% of the UK’s civil helicopter fleet.

In terms of key highlights, the analysis found that in 2020: Airbus directly and indirectly supported a £5.6bn contribution to UK GDP; £1 in every £92 earned by UK firms from exported goods were products manufactured by Airbus; Airbus supported approximately 86,400 jobs in addition to its own workforce; SME’s accounted for 30% of all Airbus UK suppliers; and Airbus invested £260m in R&D.

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