Remote maintenance solutions

The potency of remote maintenance and customer assistance – especially harnessing the power of smartphones – has never been demonstrated more forcibly than during the past year when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced lockdowns across the globe. However, the United Grinding Group has increasingly used technology to support its worldwide customer base and, in many cases, keep machines running with minimal downtime.

According to United Grinding Group company Walter Ewag UK, the group’s digital solutions embrace three main offerings: Production Monitor, Service Monitor and Remote Service. The first two help customers keep track of production – for example, highlighting when maintenance work is required and where/when problems may arise in production, while Remote Service helps support the help desk over a data connection.

One example of Remote Service in action concerns the machine’s back-up battery. This system maintains the power supply of a control system in the event of a power failure and it requires changing from time to time. The machine operator receives a notice on the operating panel in a timely manner, which the production manager would see on the Production Monitor. Notably, the user manual and installation instructions are available to both the operator and production manager via the Customer Cockpit, but they can also send a service request directly through the Digital Solutions app.

The service technician will be connected live via the Conference Center app and be provided with tips and hints. It is possible to send images via the whiteboard function – and the helpline technician can draw markers directly into the images.
According to the United Grinding Group there were 2500 demands for remote service during 2020.

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