Quality machines for quality parts

Reginson Engineering’s unequivocal need to use “quality machines to produce quality components” has seen a batch of six Hyundai Wia CNC lathes installed by Ward CNC to help the company meet the demands of an ever-increasing order book for aero-engine components.

Steve Hatch, director of the Nuneaton-based subcontract machinist, also says that the extra capacity of the new machines was urgently needed, as was a very quick (three-week) delivery time.
The six turning machines (four two-axis L210A models and two E200s with C axis) were available from stock from Ward CNC, which also supplied four Hyundai Wia vertical machining centres at the same time. These new machines have joined a large portfolio of machines on Reginson’s 25,000 sq ft shop floor, which includes other Hyundai Wia turn-mill models (three SKT 100s and two SKT 200s) and Takisawa turning centres (four EX106 models, two EX108, one EX110 with live tooling, one EX310 and four EX308s with live tools).
Hatch says the new machines are being used to perform what he describes as “fairly straightforward” milling, drilling, boring and turning operations on a variety of workpieces, including elbows and T-pieces in materials such as stainless steel and Inconel.
“Workpiece complexity aside, we have to ensure that every component we produce is machined to the highest levels,” he says. “So, to ensure we have quality output, we must use quality machines.”
Supplying customers in the military, nuclear, motorsport, oil and gas, and rail industries, privately-owned Reginson Engineering quickly gained a strong reputation for machining after its establishment in 1995. Today it employs more than 80 staff.
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