Q8Oils improves surface finish

Working with its client, Twilflex – a specialist in braking technologies for industrial applications, Q8Oils recently sought effective improvements to its metalworking filtration needs. While filtration methods such as paper filters provide an effective barrier against larger particles, they can allow smaller ferrous particles to pass through with the fluids, which can lead to a significant reduction in tool life expectancy.

Q8Oils regularly installs products from Eclipse Magnetics to a number of its customers’ metalworking tools as part of the company’s equipment solution services and, through partnering with expert filtration suppliers, can offer advice and support to address metalworking cleanliness issues, particularly to those with high-precision needs.

In addition to the use of its Berlioz XRS synthetic grinding fluid, Q8 installed an Eclipse Magnetics MicroMag MM20 in-line, before fluid delivery, to bolster the filtration system of Twilflix’s grinding machine. With its high-intensity magnetic core and patented fluid flow path, the MicroMag captures almost 100% of ferrous contamination from metalworking fluids. The range also boasts a compact and easy-clean design with high-capacity collection that does not block the through-flow, or impact fluid pressure or flow.

Having had the MM20 installed for one month, with intermittent usage, the filter had caught over 2 kg of ferrous materials when removed for cleaning. Q8Oils has also reported that Twilflex has seen a substantial improvement to grinding stone life, with the frequency of grinding wheel dressing largely extended. An improvement in fluid cleanliness was also noted that, in-turn, had prevented the ‘flecking’ effect caused by fine debris caught between the wheel and workpiece during the grinding process.
The MM20 will maintain its effectiveness throughout the duration of the tool’s lifespan without losing intensity. Plus, with no need to replace filters or other consumables, as well as a reduction in scrap and reject rate, the MicroMag offers fast return on investment.

A maintenance and service engineer for Twilflex said: “We tried the Eclipse magnetic filter for a month on our surface grinding machine and found it to be so effective that we decided to purchase it. We can see a difference in tool life, while coolant life is much longer. This machine doesn’t have any other filters, so we really notice the benefits.”

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