Punch-laser combination machine

LVD is introducing the Strippit PL punch-laser combination, a machine that combines the punching and forming advantages of the Strippit PX or V-series punch press with the speed and versatility of fibre-laser cutting to complete multiple processes on a single machine. Three punch-laser models are available: the single-head style Strippit PX 1530-L; and Strippit V 1530-L in thick- and thin-turret configurations.

Strippit PL can laser-cut intricate shapes and process materials up to 10 mm, punch holes up to 6.35 mm diameter, and produce forms and bends up to 90 mm in length and up to 75 mm high. Combination technology offers complete part processing. The punch press handles high-speed punching and forming operations, while the fibre laser delivers high-quality cutting of outer contours and intricate inner contours, as well as material etching.

Built with minimal components, the solid-state fibre laser offers high cutting speed and low maintenance costs, making cutting operations faster, more accurate and cost-effective, says LVD. Strippit PL comes with a 3 or 4 kW fibre-laser source.

The Strippit PX single-head 20-ton punch press can punch, form, bend and tap, and undertake operations such as countersinking and scribing. Some 20 indexable tool stations hold any size tool, up to a maximum diameter of 90 mm.

LVD’s Strippit V thick-turret model features a versatile 48-station turret, while the Strippit V thin-turret configuration has a 40-station turret. Both 30-ton machines are equipped with four programmable 88.9 mm indexable stations.

Strippit PL includes features that deliver high productivity with uninterrupted operation, such as: the ability to process a 3048 x 1524 mm workpiece without repositioning; a large 406 x 1524 mm work chute to evacuate laser-cut parts; and a rack and pinion drive system that eliminates backlash and provides accurate positioning.

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